Relive The 80’s! ZX Spectrum Bluetooth Keyboard

Relive The 80’s! ZX Spectrum Bluetooth Keyboard

Yes I know the headline can be confusing. This is not an article about a bluetooth keyboard for the humble 1982 home computer, the ZX Spectrum, although I wouldn’t be surprised if someones tried that! This is a kickstarter project for a new gadget for tablet owners.

The launch of the ZX Spectrum in 1982 started a revolution in home computing in the UK. Parents bought the machines thinking it could help with their children’s homework whilst the young ones had fun playing some of the great games. By the end of its life, the ZX Spectrum had over 10,000 computer games and many of the coders and companies started in that time still exist today.

One of those companies is Elite Systems Limited, more commonly referred to as simply Elite. I remember them fondly for their many arcade conversions all crammed into the Spectrums tiny 48k of memory. Their work included conversions of Ikari warriors, Commando, Paperboy and Space Harrier.

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Now Elite want to bring you a bluetooth keyboard that looks and feels just like the original ZX Spectrum. It will even have the famous rubber keys! Initially the keyboard will only be compatible with the iPad with further updates down the line for Android, Windows phones, PCs and Macs.

The keyboard will have two modes of operation. The first will be for gaming with apps such as ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection which is already available on the iTunes store. The second mode will allow for the device to act as a fully functioning QWERTY keyboard.

Bluetooth ZX-Spectrum

If you’d like to bring back some those childhood memories, then head over to the Bluetooth ZX Spectrum website to find out more. The kickstarter project deadline is the end of January 2014.

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