RepliTronics revive the Boombox with their functional miniature replicas

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RepliTronics revive the Boombox with their functional miniature replicas

The Boombox is reborn. A little smaller and with Bluetooth added, these replicas of classic stereos are live on Kickstarter now.

From New Wave Toys, the same company that creates working miniature arcade cabinets comes a new endeavour. This time they’re shrinking classic Boomboxes with a modern twist.

RepliTronics M90 MINI is the first in a potential series of models from the company. Based on the classic JVC RC M90 (Made famous on ‘LL Cool J’ and ‘Beastie Boys’ album cover art), RepliTronics’ version is about 60% smaller and 80% lighter. However, the manufacturers insist that their units will still pack a punch when it comes to sound.

Years of work has gone into creating this mini replica in painstaking detail. Every button and dial is where it should be. The tape deck is functional in so much as it won’t actually play cassettes, but the door will eject at the push of a button. There is a working AM and FM radio too with telescopic aerials.

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Primarily, though, the M90 is designed as a bluetooth speaker. Portable and with 60+ hours of battery life it’s the perfect companion for life on the move. A carry handle is another nod to the original.

For fans of the company’s mini arcade cabinets, there is also an option to buy a micro M90. Even smaller and to the same scale as the arcade cabs. They even provide sound via bluetooth.

These mini boomboxes are on sale via Kickstarter with special early bird pricing available until Friday 22nd May. RepliTronics have already raised over £46,000 towards their £61,173 target at the time of writing.

A Micro M90 starts at $20 whilst early bird pricing on the Mini M90 starts at $55 rising to $65 after.

Regrettably, buyers in the UK will need to add a further $35 for delivery bringing the cost to $90 (around £73 based on early bird pricing).

For more information and for details on bundles, check out the M90 campaign on Kickstarter.

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