Retro Nintendo Gaming Refined | Analogue Nt

Retro Nintendo Gaming Refined | Analogue Nt

Retro gaming is big and there are many ways to get stuck in. You can pick up the old consoles and their respective games very cheaply or failing that you could always download system emulators and games from the internet, not strictly legal but also popular. But what if you fancy a piece of kit that matches your multimedia setup?

Introducing the Analogue Nt, an original Nintendo and Famicon games console (also referred to as NES).


The Analogue Nt

This silver box of tricks isn’t an emulator like the Hyperkin Retron 5 which uses software on an Android system to emulate different gaming consoles. The Analogue NT contains the same hardware chips as the original Nintendo console to ensure 100% gaming compatibility, that includes games and accessories such as light guns (CRT Televisions only) and other various controllers.

The makers claim that only the best shielded components are used to bring out the sound in its purest form into your setup, be it a television or multi speaker home theatre system.

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The picture from the Analogue NT is delivered via a choice of RGB, component, S-Video, or composite connections ensuring the best ever quality picture to your television. An optional HMDI adapter which will upscale your picture into 1080P high definition is also available for an extra $49.99.

Finally, the look of the Analogue NT. with the AV connections at the back and four controller ports on the front, its looks very sleek in its finished form due to the casing being machined from a single block of aluminium.

Unfortunately all this loveliness comes at a price with the silver base model costing $499 (£295). Black, blue, pink and red casings are also available to order for an extra $49.

You still want one though don’t you…

Find out more about the Analogue Nt by visiting the official website,

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