Review | The Year Of The Geek – James Clarke

Review | The Year Of The Geek – James Clarke

For us, Geek Culture isn’t a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. It’s not something we dip in and out of, we live and breathe it. We’re not alone. James Clarke has compiled ‘The Year of the Geek’ for people just like us.

Whether you identify as a nerd or a geek, you’re good in our books – and talking of books, we like them chunky, fun, factual, full of glossy colour images and packed with geeky facts. It looks like author James Clarke read our minds.

The Year of the Geek‘The Year of the Geek: 365 Adventures from the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Universe’ is the long, but descriptively accurate title of a new book dedicated to all things geek. Between the covers there are in-excess of two hundred pages exploding with colour and pop-culture facts.

To be specific, there’s a fact for every day of the year and most of the entries are accompanied by related illustrations, full-colour infographics and beautiful diagrams.

Perhaps you’ll find King Kong atop the Empire State Building, or a breakdown of Wolverine’s attributes and how they stack up against other X-Men characters?

Covering a wide scope of interests from comics and literature, manga and steampunk to cult TV and beyond, the book is bursting with significant moments.

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Birth dates of authors, fictional characters, movie and TV stars. Box office takings for each of the films from a particular animation studio. The many looks of David Bowie. All of these topics, and more are addressed.

What percentage of Mario’s time has been taken up actually being a plumber? What was the budget for The Matrix and what is the run time of all three films in the trilogy put together? If these are questions you now have a desire to find out the answer to, ‘The Year of the Geek’ is for you.

In the first instance ‘The Year of the Geek’ is fun to flick through to find out what happened on your birthday (28th of May – Doctor Who came face to face with himself). Then you start noticing the pictures of things you like, then – oooh! Look at all the timelines in Back to the Future – then…

…you realise you’ve lost hours and your wife and kids are starting to know how the family felt when Richard Dreyfus’ character started making Devils Tower out of mashed potato in Close Encounters.

‘The Year of the Geek’ is a great coffee table book. Something you can periodically come back to time and again or check each day to discover something cool about geek culture.

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In his introduction James Clarke concedes, the book can only skim the surface of the vast scope of the overall subject. But what he hopes is that readers might discover something new during the year long adventure contained within its covers. For me there’s a good blend from almost every genre that makes up the rich palette of geek culture. Superheros, video games, anime. There’s something for any pop-culture fan. And it looks great too!

But what about the leap years James Clarke?!

‘The Year of the Geek: 365 Adventures from the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Universe’ is available from today, October 19th – Spoiler – Philip Pullman was born in 1946 (who incidentally also publishes his latest book ‘la belle sauvage’ today, on his birthday).

Author: James Clarke | Publisher: Aurum Press (The Quarto Group)
Hardcover | Price: £18.00 / US $25.00 / CAN $32.00

A perfect companion for any geek. Packed with facts and full colour images. – 5/5

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