Rhyme? Me? Oh! – Mega Ran x Rhymeo

Rhyme? Me? Oh! – Mega Ran x Rhymeo

Think you got the skills to freestyle about superheroes? Well then, Mega Ran and Rhymeo have the challenge for you!

That’s right folks, awesome rapper and friend of The Unheard Nerd, Mega Ran, has teamed up with freestyle rap app “Rhymeo” with the #IntrovertBarsChallenge – and there’s a signed merch pack from Mega himself to be won!

For those who don’t know about the app, the developers sum it up as “Rhymeo gives you material for your raps by providing rhymes for support, pictures for inspiration, and contextual words at the bottom for switching your rhyme scheme. You can actively tap the pictures and words for more material, or just let it passively throw you content.”

The app doesn’t cost a thing and it allows you to record your performance, trim it, save it and share it either within the app community or on your social media site of choice as well.

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With the #IntrovertBarsChallenge, Mega Ran provides the beat in the form of the track “Introvert Bars” from his album “RNDM” and the images provided by the app are an array of Marvel and DC characters to inspire your rhymes.

So there you go – think you got the sickest flows about evil villains trading blows with men in costumed pantyhose? Better get the app and show the world what you’ve got!

The competition started on the 10th October and runs until the 10th November.

Mega Ran is currently on tour with MC Lars and MC Chris – tour dates can be found at megaran.com or by following him on Twitter @MegaRan

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