Rhyme & Reason | VPCIII Team Profile

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Rhyme & Reason | VPCIII Team Profile

Are they the ultimate VPC veterans joining forces to show the other teams how it’s done?

Producer: Klopfenpop | Vocalist: MC-3PO (as Rook the Rhymer)

As the challenge master for VPCs I and II, Klopfenpop was himself not able to compete; instead, he devised the challenges which all other teams were forced to meet, drawing on his considerable skills both as an MC and a producer to devise achievable but lofty goals for every competitor. With the VPC now in the hands of a team of judges, Klop is free to compete and demonstrate the power of a fully operational master of hip-hop.

He is joined by MC-3PO of Death*Star, who, alongside Bill Beats, placed in the Top 5 for every VPCI round, masterminding fan favorite tracks like “Unemployment Beach”, “Arms Race”, and “Star Tyrant” in order to win the first ever Vocalist/Producer Challenge Grand Prize. While his partnership with freshman producer Sarva resulted in a mixed bag for VPCII, his fifth round track “‘Til Death” was the most popular of the round, and among the favorites of the competition.

One of nerdcore’s top producers combines with one of nerdcore’s top emcees to create a duo of Emerald Empire elites with the talent and knowledge to destroy the competition. Expect big things from Rhyme & Reason, one of this year’s most formidable duos.


Can this duo representing the Emerald Empire prevail? They snuck into the top ten for round one of the VPCIII but will they up their game for the next round? I would suspect the answer is yes. Expect to see Rhyme & Reason as strong contenders throughout the competition.



Will Harrison

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