Rocco’s Modern Life Is Returning For A One Hour Special

Rocco’s Modern Life Is Returning For A One Hour Special

The dysfunctional life of the original awkward Wallaby is returning to O-Town as Nickelodeon announce a ‘Rocco’s Modern Life’ one hour special.

‘Rocco’s Modern Life’ was one of Nickelodeon’s more left-field cartoons of the ’90s in an era that also brought us ‘Ren & Stimpy’. ‘Rocco’s Modern Life’ only ran for thirteen episodes between 1993 and 1996, but it attracted a cult following of kids and adults alike.

The titular character is an awkward wallaby accompanied by equally dysfunctional friends Heffer Wolfe and Filburt and his loyal dog Spunky. Their adventures take place in ‘O-town’ where much of Rocco’s time is taken up trying to survive the torment of his neighbour, a frog called Mr. Bighead.

Rocco’s original creator, Joe Murray, will come on-board as executive producer and will direct the one hour special which is being listed as ‘Rocco’s Modern Life Movie’.

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The announcement from Nickelodeon is the latest from the network that has already revealed a number of other projects to mark 25 years since the start of it’s creator-led animation initiative. Allowing creators the freedom to produce television without the constraints of network control was a stroke of genius which, in the ’90s, led to a number of classic cartoons finding an audience including ‘Ren & Stimpy’, ‘Hey Arnold!’, ‘Doug’ and ‘Rugrats’.

A movie titled ‘Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie’ is already slated for a 2017 release and will signify the beginning of the 25th anniversary celebrations.

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