Rock out with this PlayStation multi-effects pedal

Rock out with this PlayStation multi-effects pedal

This guy built four effects pedals into an actual PlayStation. Why? We’re not sure but we’re glad he did. ‘PedalStation’ is dedicated to overdrive.

Thiago Ferri is a Portuguese guitarist who appears to enjoy blending his love of video games with his passion for music. Clearly a talented guy with a soldering iron, Thiago has built a range of his own effects pedals. But sometimes he builds them into video game cases.

He’s already built effects into a GameBoy case (not to be confused with the Super FuzzBoy previously featured on the site) and and N64 controller. Now he’s built a multi-effects unit out of an original PlayStation casing.

Ripping the original guts out of the unit, Thiago has replaced them with four of his favourite effects. First up is the classic Ibanez Tube Screamer TS808. Next up is the ProCo RAT, a Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay and finally an Electro-Harmonix LPB-1. All of which are complimentary to each other and allow for a versatile blend of tone and overdrive.

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Thiago’s attention to detail is in evidence. Colour coded buttons are sympathetic to the retro-gaming look whilst a metal handle for carrying the unit around is a nice touch.

Whilst Thiago’s page is primarily in Portuguese, he has helpfully added a description of his process in English:

“This is a project that I have been thinking about for over 4 years, but only now it has been materialized. Another one for the video game pedals team, along with the GameBoy pedal and the Nintendo 64 pedal (that you can check here in the photos).

As I really like video games and building pedals, I had the idea of mounting an “analog multi-effect” inside the shell of a PlayStation Fat, containing the main effects that I use when I’m going to rehearse.

I thought about the combination of a drive, a distortion, a booster and a delay; the choices were: – Ibanez TubeScreamer 808 with clipping mod, offering 3 distinct tones (silicon / bypass / red LEDs); – ProCo RAT also with clipping mod (silicon / bypass / red LEDs); – Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay; – Electro Harmonix LPB-1. I spent the weekend testing and it was exactly as I expected.

The combination TS + RAT is incredible and you can take a huge range of tones with these two, ranging from light saturation to high gain. Deep Blue is a clean and direct to the point delay that opens the door to creativity. I modded it to increase the maximum volume of repetitions.

The LPB-1 worked very well with the TS and the RAT and is great for giving that highlight at the time of solos. PedalStation 1 is TrueBypass and features an internal 9V source + a P4 output to power other pedals.

I also placed a metal handle on the back of the housing for easy transportation. Everything 100% handmade… the internal modification of the housing, the drilling, the making of the circuits of the pedals and the wiring of the project.”

See more photos and read more on Thiago Ferri’s facebook page ‘Ferri Handmades‘.

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Images: Thiago Ferri | Source: Guitar World

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