Rocko’s Modern Life | Where Did It Go?

Rocko’s Modern Life | Where Did It Go?

Cult Nickelodeon cartoon, Rocko’s Modern Life, was to make a comeback special. Where’d it go?

Rocko’s Modern Life was a cartoon show from Nickelodeon which began airing in 1993. It ran for just four seasons, a total of fifty-two episodes over the course of two years.

The cartoon was about Rocko, an Australian wallaby, and his struggles with everyday life. His best friend was a steer called Heffer along with a neurotic turtle, Filburt. Finally, Rocko always had his faithful dog Spunky by his side. 

Rocko’s Modern Life caught my attention because the show was aimed at both children and adults. There were plenty of innuendos and jokes that only the older audience understood. In fact, some of the jokes were considered a little too risque and were later removed due to complaints from parents after the initial broadcast.

The show gained a sizeable cult following and after much pressure from the fans, the series was eventually released onto DVD. The complete series was recently reissued by Paramount in November of 2018 and is also available via streaming on Amazon Prime.

In September of 2015, Nickelodeon was considering bringing back some of its classic shows for one-off specials and Rocko’s Modern Life was one of the titles considered,

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August the following year, Nickelodeon confirmed that a one-hour special was to return. In 2017, they announced that Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling would air in 2018. Rocko’s creator, Joe Murphy, was executive producing and the original voice cast was set to return.

A Q&A panel was held at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con and a special sneak peek was shown which you can see below.

In Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling, Rocko has returned to earth after being stuck in space for the last twenty years. As you can see from the sneak preview, Rocko and his friends try to adjust to modern day life.

And that was the last we heard of the special. I was eagerly awaiting the show and assumed that I must have missed it or that it only got a showing in the US.

On Joe Murray’s website, he posted an update about Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling in September of 2018 which read,

Since we finished the Rocko Special Static Cling a year ago, there has been much speculation as to the whereabouts of this special, and if it will ever see the light of day. Some rumors have it with a streaming channel. Well, I’m sworn to secrecy, but there are many conversations being had about the future of Rocko, and who knows if anything will bear fruit. But I do know the Rocko special will be coming out fairly soon. I will keep this blog posted of any news. Remember this is entertainment. Many things happen. Most do not.

On February 5th, Nostalgia Network (@NostalgiaNetwo1) posted a recent chat with Joe from Facebook. The news wasn’t good.

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So there you have it. A creative team headed by Joe Murray worked for a year and a half on this project and were very proud of the finished product. The Rocko fans have been eagerly awaiting this comeback special and now it looks like we may never see it at all.

I’d like to thank the Reddit user ArabianDisco who posted this information onto r/Television.

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