Roswell Rayguns X Converse – Fictional team makes the switch

Roswell Rayguns X Converse – Fictional team makes the switch

The fictional basketball team, the Roswell Rayguns, were created by Nike in 2002. In 2021 they leap across to Converse for a brand new collaboration.

Widely regarded as one of Nike’s finest marketing campaigns, in 2002 the sports brand created a fictional basketball team called the Roswell Rayguns.

Adverts placed modern stars into vintage game footage. Set in 1975 the adverts told the story of the struggling ABA team that came good with some shrewd trades. Rayguns sneakers and merchandise proved popular with Nike producing shoes bearing the team’s logo as recently as 2019.

Now Converse, a company owned by Nike, have got in on the act with two classic basketball silhouettes that rock the ’70s vibe. The contrasting pack contains black Pro Leather and white Chuck 70 high-tops. Each with striking orange and yellow accents.

Roswell Rayguns x Converse – Pro Leather $85

In addition to bold retro styling, each shoe bears the Rayguns logo on the outer heal with the team name split between left and right insoles. In addition, the Pro Leather shoes bear the team name on the rear heal support.

Roswell Rayguns X Converse – Chuck 70 $95

The Chuck 70s, also produced in leather, showcase the famous All-Star circle which bears the Rayguns name as well as orange and yellow detailing on the toes.

Converse will release the Roswell Rayguns pack on January 15th 2021 in the U.S. Check for more.

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