Sam Worthington Is Turned Alien Once Again In The Titan.

Sam Worthington Is Turned Alien Once Again In The Titan.

An air force pilot volunteers for a medical experiment to endure the conditions of Saturn’s moon, Titan

Global warming is in full effect. Food is running out. The future of the Earth is a dead end, but what if we could transport people to Saturn’s moon of Titan?

That is what’s offered to air force pilot Rick Janssen (Sam Worthington). However, he must undergo a medical procedure to enable his body to endure Titan’s environment. But as you may have guessed, it doesn’t go to plan.

A word of warning before you hit that play button on the video below. If this film sounds intriguing to you, please don’t watch the trailer. Unless there’s some clever marketing going on, this is the whole film condensed into two minutes minus whatever the climactic finale contains.

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Title: The Titan

Release | US: TBA (2018) | UK: 13th April | World: IMDb


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