Save Anakin Skywalker’s Home | Indiegogo

Save Anakin Skywalker’s Home | Indiegogo

Save Mos Espa And Save A Piece Of  Star Wars Legend.

Ong Jmel, Nefta in Tunisia is in danger of being buried by sand. The area situated in the Tunisian desert forms part of the set used as Anakin Skywalkers’ home in The Phantom Menace. Being a particularly windy part of the world the set is in danger of being completely buried by sand dunes which are encroaching, and have already covered 10% of the site.

Work has started to excavate the buildings but it’s a big job and takes a lot of money. To help with the cost the Tourism Chamber for the Oasis and Sahara regions are hoping that fans of the Star Wars series of films will dig deep and help to crowd-fund part of the work. Their indiegogo campaign is seeking to raise $45,000.00 with the group hoping to raise the rest of the money needed to preserve the site through private donations.

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Should the funds be raised the site could be preserved for another 8-10 years though the assault from sand dunes is relentless.

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