Schaffer The Darklord | Sex Rhymes

Schaffer The Darklord | Sex Rhymes

Schaffer The Darklord loves sex, so he wrote a five track tribute EP dedicated to just that. Sex Rhymes.

In his own ubiquitous style Schaffer The Darklord tackles the subject of f*cking on his newest EP. Merging his usual blend of humour and accessible hip-hop stylings with a proliferation of swears and graphic descriptions, STD doesn’t even try to hold back on this EP, which is exactly why I, for one, get very wet between the legs (metaphorically) whenever he releases new music.

Vince Vandal produces all five tracks which vary somewhat in style but find parity through Schaffer‘s delivery, whilst mastering is taken care of by Cecil Decker.

Stand out track: Sex Rhymes

Sex Rhymes is available to download now from STD‘s bandcamp page for $4.69 or more.

Will Harrison

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