#SDCC2018 | DC Drop The First Trailer For Aquaman – Oh….

#SDCC2018 | DC Drop The First Trailer For Aquaman – Oh….

Visually stunning, conceptually flawed. Aquaman is the next big movie to drop from the DC movie universe, but it doesn’t look good.

As the DC movie universe limps on there is a ray of hope in the form of ‘Shazam!‘. On the flipside, ‘Aquaman’ looks to continue the poor run of form for DC as the first trailer drops at San Diego Comic-Con.

At first glance it looks like the heads of DC movies are starting to realise why their films are struggling against the might of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are clear attempts at injecting humour into this film and lead actor, Jason Momoa, is a master at a cocky, one-liner. Still the very concept of the movie looks flawed with many moments inducing a cringe.

Since the casting of Jason Momoa in the lead, doubts have prevailed regarding the next DC movie. Whilst Momoa’s portrayal of Aquaman was one of the few highlights from last year’s ‘Justice League‘, fans question the look of the character who traditionally appears in comics with short blonde hair.

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‘Aquaman’ offers up the origin story of the titular character. Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) is part human, part Atlantean. Raised on land as the son of a lighthouse keeper, his mother was a princess banished from Atlantis for her preoccupation with the surface world.

Arthur must come to terms with a tough adolescence during which his abilities manifest. A reluctant heir to the underwater kingdom, Curry is called to action when his half-brother threatens to lead the forces of Atlanta in an attack on the surface.

‘Aquaman’ will surface in UK cinemas from December 14th and in the US from December 21st.

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