#SDCC2018 | Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 – The Search For Spock?

#SDCC2018 | Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 – The Search For Spock?

Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Trailer – Pike takes command of Discovery, an unknown anomaly appears in the universe and Spock has taken a leave of absence. 

Season two of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ looks like it’s gearing up to be an action packed affair. Following a rendevouz with the Enterprise, Captain Christopher Pike assumes command of Discovery to investigate the appearance of a far reaching anomaly that has appeared in the universe.

Michael Burnham is denied a reunion with her half-brother Spock who has taken an extended leave of absence from his duties aboard the Enterprise. One can only assume that Burnham’s ‘search for Spock’ will form a significant sub-plot throughout the second season.

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ season two introduces Captain Pike for the first time to the series. The character has a longer history than most in Star Trek lore.

Christopher Pike first appeared in the pilot episode of Gene Roddenberry’s original series in 1966 and was played by Jeffrey Hunter. Pike was replaced by the infamous Captain James T Kirk (William Shatner).

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The character did return to the original series for one episode where he was played in part by Hunter and also by Sean David Kenney as a physically disable depiction of Pike.

Pike has since been portrayed in the rebooted film franchise where he was played by Bruce Greenwood. The films told the story of how Kirk came to take command of the Enterprise and made Pike a prominent part of the Star Trek story.

In Discovery the Enterprise captain is being played by ‘Inhumans’ actor Anson Mount.

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ returns to CBS All Access in the U.S. and Netflix for the rest of the world from early 2019.

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