Season 3 Trailer Teases Daredevil Vs Daredevil

Season 3 Trailer Teases Daredevil Vs Daredevil

A new trailer for season three of Marvel’s Daredevil shows that Wilson Fisk is out to hurt the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, and dishing out low blows to do it.

The latest trailer for Daredevil shows that Wilson Fisk is back on the streets and has a score to settle with Daredevil.

We’re expecting this third outing for the show to maintain its dark and gritty feel, and then some, as things look to be turning very bad for the titular hero.

Will Fisk reveal lawyer Matt Murdock as the Devil of Hell’s kitchen? How does he negotiate his release from prison? All will be revealed, but it looks a lot like Matt Murdock will have to lose everything before he battles back from this encounter. His identity included.

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This trailer gives quite a lot away. It looks a lot like Fisk will reveal Murdock’s secret and employ a second Daredevil to muddy the hero’s name. The real story here is how Matt Murdock will bounce back. Will he get help from former partners Foggy Nelson and Karen Page along the way?

Prepare for a gut wrenching thirteen episodes. Marvel’s Daredevil returns to Netflix for a third season on October 19th.

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