Secret Cinema is heading to the Upside Down

Secret Cinema is heading to the Upside Down

UK fans of Netflix phenomenon ‘Stranger Things’ will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Hawkins, Indiana as Secret Cinema travels to the Upside Down this November.

Secret Cinema’s latest event is going to be unlike any that has gone before it. The company is replacing their traditional cinema screening with something new and unique for a special Stranger Things themed experience.

For the uninitiated, Secret Cinema is a themed evening event, usually based around a film. Attendees are as much a part of the experience as performers. Everyone is assigned a character, name and objective ahead of time via an online portal. As the name suggests, the location of the event is kept deliberately vague until the last minute. You’ll know the general postcode, but not the location until just before the day itself.

For last year’s ‘Blade Runner’ event (which I attended as a ‘scavenger‘) we were only told which station to get off at on the London DLR/Tube network, and no more. Once there we followed the other cyber punks and received directions to the secret location. The experience begins before you’re even through the door.

Once at the destination you’ll find yourself immersed into the world present in the chosen source material. So for the ‘Blade Runner’ event we were in a large warehouse lined with sets reminiscent from those seen in the film. As in the Ridley Scott classic, it was dark, neon lit and raining the whole time. Yes, raining indoors. Actors breeze around and give you clues to fulfil your objectives, though you’re able to engage as much or as little as you wish. Noodle bars offered further authenticity and a tasty meal.

This time Secret Cinema are inviting us to travel back to the eighties and settle into life in small-town America. Hawkins, Indiana to be precise. Setting for the Netflix phenomenon, ‘Stranger Things’.

Attendees, as usual, will be given their character, dress-code and story-line ahead of the event and have the opportunity to explore Hawkins for several hours, taking in food, drink and everything the town has to offer.

These events usually climax with a screening of the movie (in this case, television show) with actors adding real-life action to proceedings. However, the event organisers are preparing fans for something very different this time around.

Instead of the usual seated screening, the grand-finale will be a non-traditional format, immersive experience incorporating 360-degree projections and special effects. This is expected to take around 30 minutes and implies that audience members will be standing and or moving around during the performance.

An emphasis will be placed on narrative events from the third season of Stranger Things set to air on Netflix on July 4th, but will also feature key moments from the first two seasons.

The event will be strictly 18+ except for Saturdays where, for the first time, a family matinee will take place for those 15+. Prices start at £49 plus booking with VIP packages available up to £139 plus booking. Secret Cinema: Stranger Things will take place in London this November.

Early access tickets go on sale on May 24th for those that have attended previous events. General sale is on May 28th.

Check out the Secret Cinema website for more information.

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