Sega Celebrates 30 Years Of The Mega Drive With Themed SD Cards

Sega Celebrates 30 Years Of The Mega Drive With Themed SD Cards

Sega Celebrates 30 years of the Mega Drive with these beautifully themed SD cards

Sega is celebrating 30 years of the video game console they launched in Japan in October of 1988. The Sega Mega Drive (Genesis for our North American cousins) was a 16-bit successor to the 8-bit Master System. This allowed for better looking and sounding games.

It gave Sega the head start on the infamous 16-bit console war of the 1990’s of which Sega’s main rival, the Super Nintendo, didn’t launch for another two years.

This year also marks the 20th anniversary of the last games console Sega released, the Dreamcast. This 32-bit machine, unfortunately, couldn’t beat the huge success of Sony’s PlayStation 2. However, the Dreamcast still lives on today with independently released games still being released, despite Sega officially giving up the support of the machine back in 2001.

To celebrate these anniversaries, Sega is releasing these delightfully themed SD cards in Japan. As you can see the SD card adapter has been themed to match one of Sega’s consoles, the Mega Drive, Dreamcast, and the machine launched between the two, the Saturn.

What’s even cuter is that the micro SD card itself has also been themed as the controller for the relevant system shown on the adaptor. In the case of the Dreamcast SD card, due to the curved design of the controller, Sega have themed the card with the VMU. This was basically a save game unit that plugged into the game controller and also had a small LCD display.

As great as these are, the cards are only of the 16GB capacity, not really suitable for today’s gamer. For example, for a Nintendo Switch, you really need the biggest card you can afford. Also, once the card is in use, you’re not going to see the great artwork.

To get hold of these delightful cards, you can place an order with Amazon Japan. The cards will go on sale on October 29th.

[Source – Nintendo Life]


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