SEGA Mega Drive Mini delayed in Europe and the Middle East

SEGA Mega Drive Mini delayed in Europe and the Middle East

Those of us in Europe (still at the time of writing #Brexit) and our fellow gamers in the Middle East will have to wait a little longer for the Mega Drive Mini.

SEGA have announced that their scheduled September 19th release date for the Mega Drive Mini in Europe and the Middle East won’t be met. The company made the announcement via twitter stating that “due to unavoidable logistical challenges” fans in these regions must wait a little longer.

Other regions can rest easy. SEGA are still on track to deliver the Genesis / Mega Drive in all other regions on September 19th as planned. But fear not. The wait isn’t that long, only a couple of weeks in fact. The new date announced is October 4th. Frustrating for those of us keen to get our hands on SEGA’s classic machine, but not the end of the world.

Optimism is high for SEGA’s mini version of their 16-Bit console. The system will come with 42 classic titles and the early buzz is positive.

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Nintendo may be way ahead of the game when it comes to mini consoles, but SEGA are hoping to cash in on the retro revival. If early reviews are good, the Mega Drive Mini could be this year’s must have stocking filler come Christmas.

Pre-orders for the Sega Mega Drive Mini are open now on Amazon.


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