SEGA Reveal Sonic The Hedgehog 25th Anniversary Banner

SEGA Reveal Sonic The Hedgehog 25th Anniversary Banner

Everyone’s favourite blue speed freak, Sonic The Hedgehog, will turn a quarter of a century old this year. To celebrate, SEGA released a new banner sparking speculation that there may be a new game on the way.

Gone are the glory years of hookers, champagne and the high life. Once a big deal in the world of video games Sonic The Hedgehog was as famous as his nemesis, Nintendo‘s hero plumber, Mario. It was like The Beatles and The Stones or Oasis and Blur. No longer, the Hedgehog takes work wherever he can find it, on whichever platform will take him, whilst Mario is still living large and saving princesses.

However, Sonic was the poster boy for SEGA in its heyday and the speedy little chap reaches a significant milestone this year. Sonic The Hedeghog, the game, launched on the Megadrive/Genesis way back in 1991 meaning that Sonic will turn a hefty 25 years old this year. To celebrate the fact, SEGA have released a special occasion banner featuring Sonic, which has sparked speculation that a new game is on the way, fueled by the singer of a band called Crush 40. The band apparently have an association with Sonic games dating back to the nineties and reports claim that lead singerĀ Johnny Gioeli briefly posted on hisĀ Facebook fan page that the band were working on some songs for a Sonic anniversary game. The post was removed promptly.

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The possibility of an anniversary Sonic The Hedgehog game certainly seems plausible as SEGA have often marked significant milestones with a game release.

Sonic 25th Anniversary Game

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