SEGA Will Release A Mega Drive Mini In Japan

SEGA Will Release A Mega Drive Mini In Japan

SEGA are getting ready to release a Mega Drive Mini in Japan to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the 16-Bit console. But will it suck?

Japan | First released in Japan on October 29th 1988, Sega’s 16-Bit flagship console will turn 30 years old this year. To mark the occasion a ‘Mega Drive Mini’ has been announced.

The news came during the Sega FES 2018 stream in which a micro-sized version of the console was shown. Confirmed to release in Japan later in the year, little else was revealed about the classic Mega Drive.

SEGA Mega Drive Mini

It seems that Sega are ready to try to jump on the mini console bandwagon following the success of their ’90s rivals, Nintento, with their Classic NES and SNES – both of which sold out within hours.

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The problem is that Sega already released a Mini Mega Drive, albeit by proxy, which sucked. Last year AtGames released an officially licensed Mega Drive Flashback which earned less than glowing reviews. Fans now fear that Sega’s freshly announced Mini, is little more than a remodelled version of the Flashback.

These fears have been further substantiated Kotaku reporting that At Games have announced via facebook that the Mega Drive Mini will be “powered by the latest AtGames technology”.

We’ll await further news about Sega’s mini console and whether the unit might make its way to Europe and the United States.

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