Sin City: The Hard Goodbye | Retro Review

Sin City: The Hard Goodbye | Retro Review

Frank Miller’s Classic Forms The Perfect Introduction To Mature Graphic Novels.

Unless you’re the very greenest of noobs most comics fans will be familiar with the work of legendary creator Frank Miller. Non comics fans will surely recognise the big screen adaptation of the first instalment of his Sin City series. The second A Dame To Kill For is scheduled for release this year.

The film is iconic in it’s styling, faithfully recreating the look of Miller’s comic noir onto screen with flattering accuracy. I say this retrospectively. In completely the wrong order I saw the film some time ago but failed to ever pick up the book, until now.

Miller’s genius is never more evident. The Hard Goodbye forms an easy to read, linear plot revolving primarily around the central character Marv. A simple brute of a man prone to confusion Marv finds sanctuary in the company of the one woman who treats him with kindness, like a person… Goldie. What he fails to appreciate is that Goldie is in fact seeking protection from him. She’s latched on to the biggest meanest guy she could find. Ignorant to his task, he fails. Goldie is murdered by his side as they sleep. With a simpleton’s singular focus NAME HERE sets off on a path of vengeance, assembling the clues that lead him on a path of adversity that includes the silent killer cannibal Kevin and the Sin City’s top dog, Rourke.

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A perfect introduction to adult themed graphic novels Sin City: The Hard Goodbye is a truly satisfying read. It’s not wordy or self righteous and visually the book is presented stylishly with a pleasing simplicity. Every comic book reader should beg borrow or steal this book.

Author + Illustrator: Frank Miller | Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

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