SkyBlew Is Back And Brighter Than Ever

SkyBlew Is Back And Brighter Than Ever

After five months out your boy SkyBlew is back with a renewed sense of positivity and a new single, My Dream DeLIGHT.

If you need a pick-me-up get this new track from SkyBlew in your headphones or stereo and crank it all the way up to eleven. SkyBlew makes a triumphant return after a difficult period that saw the talented young rapper almost give up on music all together.

In his own words “let’s not call it a comeback… more like a Rebirth”. The North Carolina rapper has taken some time out, especially from social media, to regain his perspective and positivity. It seems things hit a low towards the end of 2015 when SkyBlew gave up on music altogether. He writes in the release notes for the new song “I’ll make this short and simple. I been on a hiatus. I actually gave up on music towards the end of last year. But, I cleared my head over the last 5 months, found my peace again and i’m returning today with my comeback song.”.

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SkyBlew has teamed up once more with producer SublimeCloud to bring an uplifting track that reflects on the rapper’s journey over the last half a year or so and provides some much needed positivity and potentially a real boost to someone who might just need it right now.

My Dream DeLIGHT is available to stream and download via soundcloud.

About SkyBlew | SkyBlew, doesn’t want to put himself in a box, so he strays away from putting certain labels on his style. He simply titles it – Painting The Sky,Blew!!! The young artist, also creatively incorporates video game and anime references/themes into his repertoire in a very unique way. It’s all about having fun, spreading LOVE, being yourself & enjoying life!

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