Push Emulation On Your Phone Further With The Smart Boy!

Push Emulation On Your Phone Further With The Smart Boy!

The Smart Boy will allow for proper tactile feedback whilst emulating those classic Game Boy titles.

This story started way back in 2015 and I first reported on it last year. I hadn’t known until recently that the product is only just going on sale later this year.

The product in question is the Hyperkin Smart Boy. First unveiled as an April fools joke via Twitter in 2015, the Smart Boy allowed you to use an iPhone 6S with the special adapter to play any Game Boy games via the original cartridges.

This was unveiled to originally be a hoax but the public’s reaction was so strong that Hyperkin decided to create the Smart Boy for real.

It was unveiled at the 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo where the phone had changed from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy S7. It was expected to go on sale later that year.

Obviously, there must have delays as now Hyperkin has stated the system will now go on sale in the US for $59.99 (where it’s listed as a development kit) and will come to Europe in September for £59.99.

As you can see, the Smart Boy clamps around your phone and looks adjustable for different types of phone. However, the attached product description mention that Smart Boy is designed for the Samsung S8 phones and up.

Smart Boy

What this means for the millions of other Android phones users who want the device is unknown. Perhaps we’ll have confirmation when the Smart Boy enters the wild.

The Smart Boy has all the controls of a regular Game Boy including A/B/Start/Select buttons along with the gaming classic control, the D-Pad. Hopefully, this will allow for better gaming rather than using the most common option, on-screen virtual controls.

The Smart Boy has its own internal battery with claims of a five-hour life and is also compatible with other apps and games like the Google Play’s Game Boy Advance apps.

I just hope the Samsung S8 requirement isn’t true otherwise the Smart Boy will have a very limited market.


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