Smith Uploads Walrus Yes : The Making of Tusk

Smith Uploads Walrus Yes : The Making of Tusk

Kevin Smith uploads a full-length documentary onto YouTube to celebrate five years since the release of Tusk

Tusk, directed by Kevin Smith and released in 2014 had its humble beginnings in the form of a podcast, in particular, SModcast 259: The Walrus and The Carpenter.

In this series of podcasts, Kevin Smith would discuss anything and everything with his life long friend Scott Mosier. In episode 259, they would discuss a Gumtree ad offering a living situation free of charge, if the lodger agrees to dress as a walrus.

The entire podcast was dedicated to this advert with the two discussing many hypothetical situations. At the end of the podcast, Kevin asked listeners if they would like this situation turned into a feature film. All they had to do was tweet either #WalrusYes or #WalrusNo.

Tusk premiered at the Toronto Film Festival where it gained a lot of praise, however when it was released to the general public, they didn’t share that admiration and the film was a financial flop.

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Since its release on home video though, Tusk has found an audience and it still remains one of Kevin Smith’s favourite films.

Tusk‘s editor, Josh Roush, and Smith’s life long friend Jason Mewes filmed a lot of behind the scenes material during the production of the film. That footage has been assembled into a ninety-minute documentary entitled, Walrus Yes: The Making of Tusk.

To celebrate five years since the opening of Tusk, Kevin has uploaded this documentary for free onto his YouTube channel.

Personally, despite being a big Smith fan, I didn’t warm to Tusk. However, I’m a sucker for behind the scenes material and can’t wait to see the thought process behind this film.

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