SNK’s NeoGeo Mini Finally Set To Release In The U.S. And Europe

SNK’s NeoGeo Mini Finally Set To Release In The U.S. And Europe

Loaded with forty classic games the NeoGeo Mini micro arcade cabinet is finally set to release in the U.S. and Europe this month.

Celebrating their 40th anniversary, SNK launched the ‘NeoGeo Mini‘ in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan in July this year.

Since then gamers in the U.S. and Europe have been patiently waiting for a chance to get their hands on the adaptable mini arcade cabinet. Imported versions of the ‘NeoGeo Mini’ are available online at hugely inflated prices.

Neo Geo Mini

The U.S. and European NeoGeo Mini comes in grey and blue

But fans may not  have to wait much longer as U.S. and European units are reported to be hitting high street and online stores soon with pre-orders starting on September 10th.

Whilst the ‘NeoGeo Mini’ is a miniature, self-contained unit out of the box, it’s also pretty versatile. Packed with an HDMI port the unit can be plugged into a television for high-def gaming that won’t permanently damage your eyesight from staring at the in-built 3.5″ screen. Even better there are also two ports allowing for the use of full-sized controllers.

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Like Nintendo’s ‘NES‘ and ‘SNES Mini‘ consoles, demand is likely to be high for the ‘NeoGeo Mini’. But without quite as much online buzz surrounding SNK’s device, units shouldn’t disappear from stores quite as quickly. Still, be quick if you’re interested in picking one up.

U.K. prices are expected to be around £100. For more information on the ‘NeoGeo Mini’ check out the official SNK website.

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