Snowpiercer showrunners plan to keep things interesting with 1001 sets

Snowpiercer showrunners plan to keep things interesting with 1001 sets

The Snowpiercer television show faces a unique problem. When all the action takes place on one train, how do you keep your viewers interested?

Due to air in Spring 2020, Snowpiercer is set aboard a futuristic train in a post-apocalyptic world. The last remnants of the human race survive aboard the Snowpiercer which circles the globe in perpetuity.

Set seven years after the Earth has become an inhospitable frozen wasteland a hierarchy is established aboard the train. The poor live at the rear, the rich at the front. But a revolution is in the making.

Based on a french graphic novel of the same name, the show will follow the efforts of the rebellion as the poor begin to battle their way to the head of the train.

For the showrunners, though, the setting of the story creates a significant challenge. Snowpiercer will rely on the close confines of the train for the entirety of the show’s run. So how do you stop this becoming claustrophobic and repetitive?

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Shows like Star Trek suffer the same kind of challenge. Much of the story takes place aboard a Star Ship with a finite number of sets available. To break things up we’d regularly see the crew of the Enterprise, Voyager – whichever – visit a strange and interesting planet. Thus breaking the monotony.

In a post-apocalyptic frozen wasteland where human life cannot survive? You can’t exactly pop out for a picnic every now and then. The show’s creators have a cunning plan. 1001 sets.

The train will be made up of 1001 carriages. Each one forms a unique set, and as the premise dictates, each set will become increasingly more lavish the further towards the front of the trail the revolution progresses.

Pacing for the television show will, by nature, be a much slower paced affair than how the story was depicted in the fantastic 2013 Snowpiercer movie, which starred Chris Evan (Captain America).

With a finite run-time the film had to bypass much of the middle section of the train to keep the action moving. In the case of an episodic television showthough, a lot more time can be spent exploring every section of the train and its inhabitants.

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Snowpiercer will star Jennifer Connelly, Daveed Diggs and Mickey Sumner.

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