Snowpiercer Television series is coming to Netflix U.K. this month

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Snowpiercer Television series is coming to Netflix U.K. this month

The new ‘Snowpiercer’ series is coming to UK screens a lot sooner than we had cause to expect. A new trailer confirms a Netflix release date in May.

Whenever a hit new series is promoted via a dedicated streaming service in the U.S. it’s always a bit of a lottery where we’ll be able to see it in the U.K.

Star Trek, for example, is exclusively available via CBS All Access in the States. On this side of the pond? ‘Discovery’ is on Netflix, ‘Picard’ is on Amazon Prime Video. We don’t ‘legitimately’ get HBO Max, Hulu, DC Universe or any number of other streaming services. The result is that programs neatly packaged in the U.S. are often spread out over different networks here.

Sometimes. We wait an eternity for a film or series to appear on our screens. One example is the 2013 ‘Snowpiercer‘ film starring Chris Evans. It’s only in the last year or two that the film popped up on Amazon and then Netflix. In fact, you couldn’t even buy it on DVD or Blu-ray, for reasons we at The Unheard Nerd have never really understood.

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Thankfully, we have very little wait for the TNT TV ‘Snowpiercer’ series. A new trailer reveals that the series is coming to Netflix on this side of the Atlantic Ocean… and soon.

The first two episode will be available to watch on May 25th with a new instalment each week thereafter from June 1st. This is a little over week after the U.S. release which will air on TNT from May 17th.

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