Someone Is Upgrading A New Hope’s Scene 38!

Someone Is Upgrading A New Hope’s Scene 38!

The famous lightsaber battle from Star Wars: A New Hope is receiving an impressive upgrade.

For most of us, Star Wars: A New Hope was the first time we ever saw two opponents fight it out with a battle of laser swords, which the movie informed us were in fact called lightsabers, the weapon of a Jedi Knight.

As the Star Wars franchise continued on, the lightsaber battles become more acrobatic and diverse. The creator of Star Wars, George Lucas, had said the original trilogy lightsaber duels mostly contained older men which is why the fights were always slower to play out.

The Phantom Menace‘s lightsaber duel with Darth Maul and two Jedis is a complete contrast to show how fast and fluid these battles could become.

George has a point though. In A New Hope, Obi-Wan Kenobi is 59 and living in the harsh environment of Tatooine wouldn’t have helped his physical condition either. Alec Guinness, the actor who portrayed Obi-Wan, was 63, so an energetic lightsaber battle was probably not going to happen.

Darth Vader, a powerful user of the dark side of the force, was approximately in his forties and so was the actor David Prowse who was inside the iconic black costume. However, the helmeted costume limited David’s vision and would’ve made a complex lightsaber battle difficult to shoot.

This goes some way to explain the rather simple nature of the first lightsaber battle, scene number 38, in the original Star Wars trilogy.

YouTube user FXitinPost is hoping to change this. He is currently supervising a visual effects project to upgrade A New Hope‘s lightsaber battle which has been simply entitled, STAR WARS – “Sc.38 Reimagined”.

So far, only this short teaser has been released with a promise of the full scene coming later this year.

Using CGI techniques, this impressive (most impressive!) footage teases a battle which has been improved and made more fluid without pushing the boundaries so far that it looks unrealistic for men of their age.

You can be certain that we here at The Unheard Nerd will post the full scene as soon as it becomes available!


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