Sonic The Hedgehog X Anippon | But Can You Run As Fast?

Sonic The Hedgehog X Anippon | But Can You Run As Fast?

You know how it goes, an evil Egg Man is turning cute animals into robots, you need to collect some rings and you need to save the world fast. Anippon have got you covered with these Sonic The Hedgehog birthday celebration shoes.

Anippon are the same company that brought you those crazy Megadrive and Dreamcast shoes a while back, so it makes perfect sense that the Japan footwear company would team up with the Sonic the Hedgehog brand to bring you some birthday celebration footwear.

Last year was the twenty fifth anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog. A year on, 26 may not be a landmark birthday but Japan footwear specialists Anippon have decided not to the let the event pass without a little special nod to the blue spikey fellow.

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Sonic Shoes

The result is these red slip-ons with Sonic’s trademark white stripe down the side. Ask me blindly if I thought these could ever look cool and I’d be highly sceptical, but having seen them I must concede, in certain situations I’d happily rock a pair.

Though the shoes are sold exclusively in Japan for ¥6,500 you can have them imported for an additional cost that with the shoes works out to less than £60 in total.

Head over to the Anippon website for more information.

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