Soup Or Villainz Drop A Full-Length Fallout 4 Album | Vault Registration

Soup Or Villainz Drop A Full-Length Fallout 4 Album | Vault Registration

Remi-son and Viet Vu aka Soup Or Villainz are back with their Fallout 4 tribute album, Vault Registration.

The nerdcore duo Soup or Villainz release their latest project via Scrub Club Records titled Vault Registration. The thirteen track album forms a tribute to Bethesda Studios‘ hugely popular 2015 video game release ‘Fallout 4’ and follows the pair’s homage to the previous title in the series Ready to Fallout.

Press Release | This full-length Fallout 4-themed album will speak to you if you’ve played the game. Not only are the flows clever about the people, locations, and story arcs in the game, it’s painfully obvious that Viet Vu and Remi-son are downright obsessed with the lore, covering it like pros.

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The album is available now to download for free from

Vault Registration

About Soup or Villainz – Formed in 2009, the Soup or Villainz based their operations out of South Bend, Indiana. This group of high class villains consists of Remi-son and Viet Vu with a slew of henchmen and henchwomen. These Soup or Villainz are out for world domination… Not for power, but because it’s just something to do. Along with their hypnotizing beats and lyrical mysticism, they use their strong intellects to turn the youth into mindless zombies one song at a time.

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