South Korea Gets An Exclusive Fila X Pokémon Collaboration

South Korea Gets An Exclusive Fila X Pokémon Collaboration

Yet another ‘pop-culture X shoe company’ collaboration, this time it’s Pokémon X Fila, but only if you live in South Korea.

South Korea | Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Jigglypuff all feature on this range of shoes from Fila. In what’s described as a ‘limited collaboration’ the sports manufacturer have teamed up with Pokémon for a range of variations on their classic ‘Court Deluxe’ design.

Sadly for our readers in the western hemisphere these kicks are only available on South Korea right now. Amid hype for a collaboration with Chupa Chups lollies (sounds weird, but actually looks pretty cool) Fila Korea revealed the Pokémon range via their instagram feed.

With each variant coming primarily in white, distinctive styling comes in the form of embroidered symbols and colour accents. Yellow for Pikachu, pink for Jigglypuff… so on and so forth.

The tongue of each design bears a Pokéball whilst the heal is embroidered with the relevant symbol for each character, except for Pikachu, which has the cute little critters’ face.

Whilst each of these versions feature velcro fasteners, those of you that have mastered laces may be interested in this slightly less subtle range.

So, great news if you live in South Korea and like to look the part whilst you’re out and about playing Pokémon GO. Tough luck if you live anywhere else.

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