South Korean Toy Maker Reinvents R2-D2 And C-3PO In Toy Form

South Korean Toy Maker Reinvents R2-D2 And C-3PO In Toy Form

As weird as they are cool, these toys created by toy maker Chogy reinvent C-3PO as a skater and R2-D2 as his board.

Exhibiting his unique style, Chogy – who hails from Seoul, South Korea, has reimagined C-3PO as a skater boy clad from head to toe in a gold outfit with highly detailed accessories. From the gold rimmed glasses to the intricately crafted Nike footwear the collectibles are flawless in their creation.

The finishing touches are the Star Wars cap and tee with clever detailing to replicate 3PO’s wiring around the midriff. Meanwhile R2 is a little less flash but features as C-3PO’s sidekick in skateboard form.

Sets of these toys are all hand crafted and strictly limited to just 20 units. For ordering information email Good luck, you’ll need The Force with you to bag one of these.

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