Spider-Man 4 | The Unfinished Game Of An Unmade Movie

Spider-Man 4 | The Unfinished Game Of An Unmade Movie

A Nintendo Wii development kit holds a very early version of a Spider-Man 4 game, a film that never was.

Spider-Man 4 was to be the continuing adventures of Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker. We’d already had stories involving the Green Goblin (Spider-Man), Dr Octopus (Spider-Man 2), Sandman, the New Goblin and Venom (Spider-Man 3).

The director of the trilogy, Sam Raimi, was unhappy with Spider-Man 3, especially as Venom was forced into the film to appease the fans against his wishes.

Raimi wanted to get the series back on track and so pre-production began on the fourth film. Tobey Maguire was officially signed to return as Peter Parker with strong rumours that John Malkovich was being courted to play the Vulture.

However, the project fell apart before filming began. Raimi couldn’t get a script together that he was happy with and Sony had a deadline which they weren’t willing to move on. Rather than push ahead with a substandard script, Raimi left and the project collapsed.

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Sony then pushed ahead with the reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man.

The Spider-Man 4 title screen with text alluding to the character of the Vulture.

Moving back to the present and a recently discovered Nintendo Wii development kit (or dev kit for short) was found to contain very early code for a Spider-Man 4 video game.

The guys over at Hard4Games give the code a thorough run-through of everything it has to offer.

You’ll see that the main menu screen alludes to the character of the Vulture and that some of the playable elements in the game are apparently confirmed locations that were to appear in the film.

There is also the artwork for a character that could possibly be Rhino, however, this is unconfirmed.

As Wii games go, even in this very early game code, I think that Spider-Man 4 looks like it could’ve been quite impressive.

You can see more in the Hard4Games video below or read about it in more detail over at Gaming Alexandria which also has a link allowing you to download the code and play it in Dolphin, the Nintendo console emulator.

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Story source: Nintendo Life

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