Splatoon 2 Event Sees Nintendo Collaborate With Nike

Splatoon 2 Event Sees Nintendo Collaborate With Nike

As SEGA announce a team up with Puma for Sonic themed footwear, Nintendo take a different direction in a collaboration with sportswear giants, Nike.

Whilst SEGA announced a team up with Puma for a new pair of kicks, Nintendo went down another road by revealing a special Splatoon 2 even in collaboration with global sportswear brand Nike.

On March 24th to 25th a themed event will take place with a premise that pits New Vs Old. New edition Nike shoes Versus Classic favourites. In this instance, brand new Nike Air Max go up against Nike Air Max 97.

Splatoon 2 Nike

The announcement came via the Splatoon Japan twitter feed. The bad news, unless you’re in Japan, is that the event will not be available in any other region.

Translation | Festival was announced. The theme is “Which do you want? The latest model vs popular model”. We will send it in cooperation of Nike. Which is the latest model that nobody has yet and the popular model that everyone loves? The period is 15:00 on Saturday, March 24th, 15:00 on March 25th (Sunday).

Twitter’s translation isn’t anywhere near perfect, but you get the gist. In reality this is a sponsored marketing campaign which presents Nike the opportunity to showcase their recently released footwear whilst tapping into a key target audience.

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Still, pretty cool if you live in Japan.

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