Spose Wasn’t Built In A Day, But This Album Was

Spose Wasn’t Built In A Day, But This Album Was

Maine rapper Spose releases “Humans”, his new album which was written and recorded entirely from scratch in 24 hours.

In a normal 24 hours I lose 3 hours to travelling to and from work, 8 hours being at work, an hour or two cooking and eating dinner before I try and wind down for a couple of hours before getting about 6 hours sleep to do it all again. None of this is impressive. I find as much as I have ideas for things I want to do I just tell myself I can never find the time.

Spose’s latest venture could well have shot me down ever using that excuse again.

At 10am on the 6th October Spose, real name Ryan Peters, assembled at the Halo Studio in Windham with his army of musicians with one goal – to create and record an album in 24 hours. Not just any album though. This album had to be as good, if not better, than everything else in his discography.

In an age where a lot of artists take to Patreon or Pledge (other crowdfunding sites are available), it’s not unusual for albums to be delayed for any number of reasons and artists are afforded as much time as they require to realise their dreams. This sort of luxury wouldn’t be afforded to Spose this time round and it’s a challenge he wanted to rise to, and rise he has.

He may be a rapper but the slate was clean for this album, no beats or melodies existed to base any type of sound on so it really was dependent on what the musicians created on the day and the blend really is great.

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From the opening title track “Humans” which Spose himself said to me on Twitter is influenced by David Bowie’s ‘Modern Love’ (‘Doesn’t Feel Quite Like Maine’ also has a Bowie-esque feel to it) to the ever so funky and almost Prince sounding “Where Would I Be Without U”, interspersed with more usual beat based offerings that you’d expect.

The fact this album was created in 24 hours is an amazing feat. It’s easy to look at a project that you know has taken 24 hours with a rose-tinted glasses view, “it’s impressive but are you making it seem more impressive by taking the time taken into account?” Honestly, you can never say for certain. Would this album be any better if it had taken the more usual 8 months to make? Not necessarily. It’s easy to overthink things and go back on your initial gut feelings and create an overproduced mess. By imposing a 24 hour deadline it was important for Spose and the gang to go with their instincts and this album is definitely something they can all be proud of. Does it stand up against the rest of his discography? Preposterously so.

Find “Humans” on Spotify and iTunes.

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