Stan Lee – Heart And Respiratory Failure Caused Death

Stan Lee – Heart And Respiratory Failure Caused Death

Marvel comics’ talisman Stan Lee died of natural causes. Heart failure and breathing problems the cause.

A little over two weeks after the news broke that 95 year old Stan Lee had died we now know more about the cause.

Having obtained a copy of Stan Lee’s death certificate, have revealed the cause of the comics legends death.

The celebrity news site reports heart and respiratory failure as the primary contributors to the comics legend’s death with Lee also suffering from aspiration pneumonia – where food, stomach acid or saliva is inhaled into the lungs.

The official time of death is registered as 9:17 AM on Monday, November 12.

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Lee died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. A funeral and subsequent cremation have taken place with Lee’s ashes being passed to his surviving daughter.

Lee endured a tumultuous final year since the passing of his wife Joan in July 2017. Many were shocked as reports suggested that Lee was had become the victim of elder abuse and that members of his management, and even his own family members, were taking advantage of his ill-health for their own financial gain.

Stan Lee’s legacy lives on through Marvel’s comics, films and television shows. His work will be celebrated for many more years to come.

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