Star Trek | Boldly Go Where No Drone Has Gone Before

Star Trek | Boldly Go Where No Drone Has Gone Before

Following the success of their Star Wars Millennium Falcon drone Air Hogs now look to the Star Trek franchise with their starship Enterprise quadcopter.

Recreate your favourite scenes from the classic Star Trek movies with Air Hogs‘ newest drone. The RC maker’s newest addition to their product range is modelled on the Enterprise NCC-1701-A of the classic Star Trek movies.

Four rotors are housed within a strong, lightweight plastic casing that forms the shape of the Enterprise saucer section, complete with bridge and window details around the edges. In order to function the saucer section is formed from an open framework which does spoil the aesthetic somewhat, but is necessary.

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The engineering section is moulded from lightweight foam complete with light up warp nacelles. In addition the Enterprise comes with distinctive sound effects including phaser blasts and warp drive sounds.

Air Hogs enjoyed success with their Star Wars Millennium Falcon drone and X-Wing RC plane last year but now switch their attentions to the Star Trek franchise which celebrates it’s 50th anniversary in 2016.

The Air Hogs Enterprise quadcopter drone was unveiled by Spin Master at this year’s annual Toy Fair and is expected to retail for $120.00 when it arrives online and in stores this September.

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