Star Wars 1313 Finally Dead?

Star Wars 1313 Finally Dead?

Back in November of 2013, I wrote one of my video game based “What Could Have Been…” articles all about a LucasArts title known as Star Wars 1313. The game was to have been a look into the darker underworld of the Star Wars universe.

If you want you can read the original article from our old site here. The chances of the game ever to emerge were reduced when Disney bought LucasFilm and then closed down the gaming division known as LucasArts.

The game was originally shown at E3 2012 before the takeover in October that same year and Disney announced, “there’s always a possibility that it can still come out via licensing.”

Unfortunately the United States Patent and Trademark Office has revealed that despite notification, Disney have let the trademark for Star Wars 1313 lapse. If ever there was further proof that this game is no more, then this is it.

You can watch the full six-minute E3 demo below and weep silently.

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The player takes on the bounty hunter, later revealed to be Boba Fett, navigating the underworld metropolis of Level 1313 within the city-planet of Coruscant. Various “exotic” weapons are utilized as the player uncovers a criminal conspiracy in the underlevels of Coruscant.

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