Star Wars Headspace

Star Wars Headspace

Do you like Star Wars? How about electronic dance music? Then Star Wars Headspace may be the album you’re looking for!

As with most films, Star Wars has had its orchestral soundtrack released on many formats over the years but every so often the studios try something different.

The original soundtrack to Tron: Legacy was composed by Daft Punk and for the film’s home video release Disney released Tron: Legacy Reconfigured. This was an album of the film’s score but remixed by various electronic musicians such as The Crystal Method,  Paul Oakenfold and Moby.

Star Wars received similar treatment back in 1977 when Meco released Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk, an album of the films score arranged as instrumental disco music. You can listen to an example below.


Now Disney are at it again with Star Wars Headspace. This album is an arrangement of new and original electronic dance music produced by Rick Rubin. What makes this album uniquely Star Wars is that it incorporates many sound effects and clips from the films themselves.

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Rather than try to describe any more, why not listen for yourself as six tracks have already been previewed on Zane Lowe’s Beats One show in the UK.


Here is the full track listing for Star Wars Headspace:


1. C-3P0’s Plight Kaskade

2. Help Me! GTA

3. Force TroyBoi

4. Cantina Boys Baauer

5. Jabba Flow: Rick Rubin Re-Work (feat. A-Trak) Shag Kava

6. R2 Knows (feat. Barry Drift) Claude VonStroke

7. NR-G7 Rick Rubin

8. Ghomrassen Bonobo

9. Bounty Hunters Röyksopp

10. Sunset Over Manaan ATTLAS

11. R2 Where R U? Flying Lotus

12. Druid Caravan of Smoke Shlohmo

13. EWOK PUMPP Rustie

14. Scruffy-Looking Nerfherder Galantis

15. Star Tripper Breakbot


Star Wars Headspace will be available digitally on February 19th with physical copies available in stores on March 18th.



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