Star Wars: Origins | What If Star Wars Was Ancient History…

Star Wars: Origins | What If Star Wars Was Ancient History…

A new Star Wars fan film mixes it up with some serious Indiana Jones vibes.

Star Wars: Origins is a new fan film which is set to debut in December. In this brilliant looking fan film, Star Wars is treated as Earth’s ancient history rather than the entertainment we know and love it as today.

This ancient history of star ships and light swords is being discovered in the desert by archaeologists during Word War II. However, some people want this knowledge to stay hidden forever.

With the trailer revealing several desert-based World War II action pieces, this fan film is giving me some great Indiana Jones vibes as well.

Star Wars: Origins was filmed in the Sahara Desert in Morocco and has been in the making for three years now headed up by a creative team consisting of writer/director by Phil Hawkins, Executive Producer Gary Cowan and Velvet Film.

Star Wars: Origins will premiere on December 12th.

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