Star Wars: X-Wing Recieves A Fan Restoration

Star Wars: X-Wing Recieves A Fan Restoration

Watch out Battlefront! A group of fans are upgrading the classic Star Wars: X-Wing!

I remember the first time I saw Star Wars: X-Wing. (Uh-oh, here come the wobbly lines! Flashback alert!)

It was in the early nineties and on a trip to PC World I discovered a PC that was running a copy of the game. It was Star Wars, I was hooked.

Unfortunately, the game required a copy protection check with the manual to proceed. All I could do is watch the introduction sequence, quit the game and reload and watch again…and again…and again.

Eventually, I did get a PC and a copy of Star Wars: X-Wing and quite simply the game was fantastic. Starting off as a rookie pilot you had to fly missions for the Rebels against the Empire. The story running through the game was set before A New Hope and lead up to the attack on the Death Star.

Star Wars: X-Wing featured not only X-Wings but also Y-Wings and the A-Wing. The B-Wing from Return of the Jedi would be added later via an add-on pack, the yesteryear equivalent of DLC.

The game featured awesome graphics, speech, and a soundtrack that adjusted to what was happening at that present time.

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The original game as it looked in 1993.

The game was more of an arcade/simulator with tactical play elements such as energy prioritisation. Each ship could only produce so much power and you could decide how to divide that up and to which systems, weapons, shields, or the engines.

The game received excellent reviews at the time and is now regarded as a classic. If you want to try it out, it can be purchased very cheaply from sites such as Good Old Games. They package the games so that they will run on today’s modern systems with no fuss.

A collection of fans have decided to upgrade the game to 2017 standards. Entitled Star Wars: X-Wing Virtual Machine, the game now has better-looking graphics including full HD 3D cockpits, new 3D models for the spacecraft and upgraded textures.

The most recent video update from April of this year showcases these latest features:

HDR and lighting Improvements, suns and laser fire now emit a glow.

High resolution 3D animated planets. This includes moving clouds and city lights if the planet is currently at night.

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Improved explosions which look fantastic.

But you can’t gauge the game from a few lines of text, just watch this video to see the progress that has been made so far.

Star Wars: X-Wing Virtual Machine

Whilst the Star Wars simulator line continued with the awesome Star Wars: TIE Fighter, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter and Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance, there hasn’t been a new game in this series since 1999.

Unless you go back and play these old games, your newest equivalent would be the Star Wars: Battlefront series from Electronic Arts.

Star Wars: X-Wing Virtual Machine is currently labelled as an Alpha which means it’s still in the early stages of creation and you still need an original copy of the game to run it with the new upgrade.

Unfortunately, it’s also in private testing which means if you want to have a go, you’ll have to apply for a copy of the files.

If you want to know more, check here at their page over at MOD-DB.

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