Stargate: Origins | First Look

Stargate: Origins | First Look

Stargate is set to return in this new web series detailing events set ten years after the first Stargate discovery.

Stargate has been a big success for MGM Studios which started with the original feature film directed by Roland Emmerich in 1994. Since then there have been three series spanning 14 years from 1997 through till 2011.

First announced at the San Diego Comic-Con, as part of Stargate SG-1‘s 20th anniversary (the longest running of the three spin-off television shows), was Stargate: Origins, a prequel tale.

Stargate: Origins will star the character of Dr Catherine Langford, the daughter of Professor Langford, the man who discovered the Stargate in Egypt in 1928, as depicted in the opening of the original 1994 film.

Catherine Langford was just a young girl when her father first discovered the Stargate and this new show will see how the Stargate has affected her life ten years on.

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This first video is a short behind the scenes look at the filming of the show and reveals that there will certainly be lots of tents!

Stargate: Origins will be shown on MGM’s new digital platform Stargate Command. A place where Stargate fans can view exclusive content relating to both the new show and past Stargate series. Stargate Command features both paid for and free content.

Stargate: Origins will be a ten episode series with each having a runtime of just ten minutes. If the show proves to be popular enough, MGM is open to continuing the series.


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