#SDCC2017 | Stargate: Origins | A New Prequel To Stargate: SG1

#SDCC2017 | Stargate: Origins | A New Prequel To Stargate: SG1

A new television series will explore what happened to the Stargate before team SG1 was even thought of!

At the San Diego Comic Convention, MGM announced a brand new series for the Stargate franchise.

Stargate was a great science fiction film released way back in 1994. The creators had ideas for a trilogy of films but MGM stood their ground and decided a follow-up television series was the way to go.

Hitting the airwaves in 1997, Stargate: SG1 ran for ten seasons. There was also two spin off shows to keep the franchise alive with Stargate: Atlantis running for five seasons and Stargate Universe which only lasted for two seasons.

There was talk of a reboot for the film franchise but these plans fell apart towards the end of 2016.

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The latest addition to the franchise is Stargate: Origins.

In a similar vein to the new Star Trek: Discovery series, Stargate: Origins will only be available online via a new app called Stargate Command. This new subscription based service will be the home of Stargate: Origins as well as provide fans with additional related content.

Stargate: Origins will be a ten episode show with each episode running for scant ten minutes. The story will follow Catherine Langford who along with her father discovered the Stargate in Giza, 1928. Catherine appeared in the original film (as seen in the footage used for the trailer of the show) as well as the first season of Stargate: SG1.

Stargate: Origins will be available later this year.

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