A Stark Industries XBox One? I Think I’m On #TeamIronMan

A Stark Industries XBox One? I Think I’m On #TeamIronMan

XBox France revealed a special edition of Microsoft’s flagship console that money just can’t buy.

To celebrate the release of Captain America: Civil War, in which Cap will face off against Iron Man, XBox France has revealed a very special and very limited edition Stark Industries version of the XBox One.

You might expect the machine to come in crimson and gold to reflect the colours found on Iron Man’s famous armoured suit, but this version offers something a little different and comes in glossy white carrying the Stark Industries logo on both the console and matching controller.

There is a nod to Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit with an Arc Reactor moulded into the console casing with a smaller version found on the controller – both of which are illuminated in blue light. The casing is a little chunky and does appear to be comprised of moulded panels glued to a white XBox One – but still, blue light-up arc reactors!

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Nerdist.com reports that only three of these super rare variant editions have been made and that no money will buy one, well, not yet anyway. It appears that these XBox One consoles are being given away via XBox France’s facebook and twitter accounts. Expect to see at least one of these shifting for mad money on eBay soon.

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