Start Collecting The Legend of Batman

Start Collecting The Legend of Batman

A new collectable series reprints the stories of the Batman in deluxe hardback books

It’s that time of year again, the beginning to be precise. It’s about now that we see the advertising for those awesome collections of books, DVDs and models that you collect as instalments.

This almost annual tradition started for me back in January 2013 whereupon I reviewed the first issue of Batman Automobilia. A series of models depicting the vehicles of Batman as seen in comics, television and the movies.

Over the years, we’ve seen collections for the comic stories of 2000AD, Judge Dredd, Star Trek and the Transformers. There have also been collections allowing you to build your own models such as the Back to the Future DeLorean and the iconic Star Wars droid, R2-D2.

2018 has only offered up one of these collections so far and it concerns one of my favourite superheroes, the Batman.

At your local newsagent now!

The Legend of Batman collection aims to reprint and retell the best stories from the life of Bruce Wayne. This will start as he returns to Gotham to become the Batman after years of being missing, presumed dead, until his final days in the distant future where his son Damian will take over and become the Batman.

The first issue contains the first half of the tale Zero Year. This story was part of the New 52 rebirth of comics from 2011.

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DC Comics cancelled their entire slate of comics and restarted everything from scratch with 52 new comics. A fresh start for every character. Zero Year is a new reimagining of the birth of the Batman whilst still retaining some familiar elements.

Having purchased issue 1 myself, I can confirm the impressive quality of the hardcover book. The comic has been reprinted on high-quality glossy paper inside.

Each issue contains an introduction, placing the story into context, as well as variant cover art and original sketches from the artist, although issue 1, unfortunately, doesn’t have any extra art.

Issue 1 is in the shops now and will set you back a measly £2.99. Issue 2, the second half of Zero Year, will retail for £6.99 with the remainder of the collection selling for £9.99 each.

If you wish to collect every issue, your best option is to subscribe via the producers of the collection, Eaglemoss.

Once you’ve subscribed, you’ll not only receive every book but also a collection of free gifts including metal Batman bookends, art prints and a separate book featuring some of the best cover art in the series.

To find out more and start your subscription, you can visit the Eaglemoss site, The Legends of Batman.



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