Stevie Kincade | Personal Sermons | Review

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Stevie Kincade | Personal Sermons | Review

It’s been a little over two years since Stevie Kincade’s last release, but he’s back with a six track EP, Personal Sermons.

It’s entirely possible that the new wave of Nerdcore fans and artists might not recognise the name, but Stevie Kincade goes way back having collaborated with Kabuto The Python on Sidney 2 Saigon from the Parseltongue mixtape which also featured on his own 2009 release Six Slug Singles. That cover for that EP featured a religious image of Kincade represented in a stained glass window, the theme continues in his latest EP some six years later with Personal Sermons. Regardless of his past links with Nerdcore though, this release won’t fit easily into the sub-genre.

Kincade’s last release came in November 2012, Vs Authority was an EP created after the rapper found out that his track Stooge would be featured in the Australian movie Housos vs Authority. Reflecting the tone of the film, the EP was a raucous affair. Personal Sermons takes an altogether different tact which exhibits a growth and maturity from the rapper, not least in the lyrics to the opening track Stop N Think which feels autobiographical in its personal reflection.

Musically the release appears to draw on mainstream influences and relies on smooth transitions and layered sounds via a range of instrumentation. String arrangements blend with synths reminiscent of video game sounds on Resistance, whilst carefully placed backing vocals add to key hits on Emergency. The title of the EP is apt as Kincade seems to draw on his personal experience to deliver an honest reflection of the mistakes and growth of a man on a journey from youth to adulthood. The sentiment holds equally true in life as in Kincade’s musical development. Personal Sermons is a well produced, well mixed and a thoroughly enjoyable release, all-be-it a little on the short side. Compare this to his earlier music and you’ll find, back then, tracks that needed polishing would slip through to the final release (the scratching on Music Is My Epitaph springs to mind where Kincade himself admits that he should have fixed it before release).

So not a Nerdcore release, but a strong Hip-Hop record that nerds and non-nerds alike can enjoy. Listen to the lyrics and you may even learn something.

Personal Sermons is available to download as a name your price release now or purchase on CD for $10.



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