Stiborge | VPCIII Round Four Review

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Stiborge | VPCIII Round Four Review

Stiborge lends his ears and opinions to round four of the VPCIII.

I’m not sure I liked this round as much as some people did. I didn’t dislike this round, but people were praising it like crazy and I didn’t get that excited over it. There were some really good tracks this round, and there were some rap appearances from some people that I haven’t heard rap in quite a while. I gave out some higher scores to people that I haven’t been rating impressively high, and I was a bit disappointed in some tracks by some people I’ve had consistently in my top 5 for this competition. There were some trends this round that I thought were kind of weird, most notably listing off a bunch of things that are scary instead of just picking one fear and going with it. That aside congratulations to most of you, because for the most part you did fairly well with this challenge and stepped outside of your comfort zone and maybe learned something which is more important than the opinion of some beardy dude on the internet.

Cool is Forever Now – Words:

This song is certainly something that I can relate too. The actual rapping here is pretty good and relatable and I would have loved it if it had stayed for the most part how it was before the changeup at the 55 second mark which ruined everything for me. I hated that abrupt flow and I hated that wubby beat. This might be a stylistic thing that I just don’t like but I don’t like it. The lyrics still stayed for the most part pretty relatable but it was hard to get into them when I felt like the song was assaulting my ears. The whole thing stopping for the Community theme didn’t make much sense to me but I liked it because it provided a nice break from the wubby mess that I felt the beat was turning into until it went back to the beat. I heart you Justin but I’m going to give this a 3 out of 10.

More or Les and Abstract – Slender Man:

This song is about Slender Man, using samples from the video game Slender and by all intents and purposes it’s a good song. It tells a story, and it’s actually pretty descriptive when it comes to situations and in terms of Slender himself. I don’t find it very interesting either. Maybe it’s my inherent bias and filters that pop up when I see that I’m going to be listening to a song about Slender Man. There are just so many more personal tracks or even other not that personal story tracks there are more interesting stories being told, this feels like it’s been done to death and back. It’s still not bad and I give it a 6 out of 10.

Johnny Hacknslash and Broken Satellite – Me, Myself, and I:

This song sounds like what I mostly listened to in early high school and I have a nostalgic love for it in a weird way. I think the rapping works with the 90s alt rock-ish beat and hook of this song. If nothing else the sound of this song was something different. I haven’t heard anything like this in this competition so far. I really liked this song, it was layered and it just sounds really good bringing up good comparisons to music that I loved a lot and haven’t listened too as much lately and the lyrics fit with the sound and theme of the song really well. I dug it and I’m going to give it a 9 out of 10.

Dos Pharaohs – Agoraphobia:

Well with a song about Minecraft you’re starting off this round with points against you but let’s see. Let’s start with the beat of this song and the gross zombie sound and air horns that repeat through the entire song. The beat besides those things was fine but they really annoyed me. Aside from that, the flow was decent in a “this kind of sounds like YTCracker” way, I wasn’t a super huge fan of the “that’s that shit I don’t like” hook but it was the worst thing ever, the lyrics were… about… Minecraft with nothing particularly clever jumping out at me. I give this song a 4 out of 10.

Hanna Barbaric – VPC is Rigged:

This isn’t very good and Lavos knows that. The vocals come in out of nowhere after a really quiet instrumental lead up and are offensively loud. The flow is not good nor interestingly bad in the first verse and the beat and lyrics feel like they’re playing on different plains of existence. The second verse is a bit better but still doesn’t feel at one with the beat to make a song it just feels like he’s rapping with someone playing a violin in the background. Lavos does have this YTCracker flow down and almost boosted this song song to 2 or even 3 stars but I really never want to listen to this song again and wouldn’t have even listened up too Lavos’ verse had it not been for this review so I have to give it a 1 out of 10.

Kordlyss and Vincent EL – Austrian Cyborg:

The voice that was used here reminds me so much of the psychiatrist from the Animaniacs that I’m relatively certain this team had their heart set on doing that for a character track and when it changed last minute they went “fuck it, we’re still using this voice.” And, you know what, I really enjoyed this. They rapped the whole song in that voice and they kept it going, with a better impression than I could ever do. That’s a good enough reason for me to like a song but this song is actually pretty entertaining aside from that as well. It tells a story, which I really dig, and the beat here is wonderful and I think fits this song well, then the piano kicks in and it layers it more and it sounds lovely. I’m pretty sure this song is about Mozart being revived as a cyborg, that’s awesome. Honestly, I love everything about this and I will go 10 out of 10 on this one.

Beefy and tanner4105 – Ornithoscelidaphobia:

I wasn’t a huge fan of the hook or this song that jumps out and punches you in the face right out the gate. It feels too much like a Rappy McRapperson excited yell rap song I guess is my issue which rarely works for me. The first verse I assume by Tanner wasn’t all the great either. There were a couple lines that I thought were alright but nothing super special. Beefy brought it tho. Talking about Chris Pratt in reference too Jurassic World and the line about not liking Pterodactyls because it starts with a “p” made me chuckle and he kept things going with his flow well, even making the hook that I still wasn’t a fan of more bearable. Ultimately this song ended up with a 7 out of 10 from me.

Poverty Man and Fatback Supreme – Final Act:

I really wanted to like this song, I like Fatback and I like Poverty Man and Poverty Man did his Poverty Man flow in this song, I like the Poverty Man flow. In all fairness as well Poverty Man made me chuckle a bit with a couple of lines in his verse and I like the idea of Fatback and Poverty Man having a conversation in the song. I wasn’t super huge on this song though. Fatback doesn’t sound scared of growing older in this song he sounds bored. He sounds like he’s given up and just wants to resign before getting to old within the context of the song and nothing about it says fear to me. And Poverty Man’s encouragement neither sounds encouraging enough to be good encouragement or douchey enough to be intentionally bad encouragement for comedic effect. The song just kind of falls flat and the instrumental is okay but nothing especially special. I give this song a 4 out of 10.

Tribe One and Bill Beats – Only Believes in Death Will Die:

I thought the quick guitar lead in at the beginning was kind of a weird choice because it braced me for this fast epic track and I was ready for it, only for the rest of the beat to kick in and slow everything down. This song sounds like it’s meant to be played in an electronica set at a club, and for that purpose it’s fine. It doesn’t sound awful and I could see people dancing to it. I’m not really a fan of this song for the purposes of this competition. I’m not really sure what to say about the lyrics because they aren’t even really a factor in the song. I went 5 out of 10 on this one.

FiberOptic Illustion – Headspace:

The midi sounding beat here makes me pleased. I really dig that kind of stuff. The vocals here could use with maybe a little more passion behind them but I do feel some angry heat there and I like what I do get from the song. The hook sounds good and works well with the song. This song really doesn’t work as well on my phone earbuds but listening to it on my computer headphones and I’m really liking it now. I thoughroughly dig this song and I’m going to go 9 out of 10 on it because it’s just really good.

Jollimus Prime and Niik the Lamped God – Monster in a Sock Store:

Well, at least this song was mercifully short. I know, I know people think I’m biased against Niik but I feel any bias I have there is at least reduced by Jollimus. These songs just aren’t good. The water pouring sound in the instrumental was interesting at least although I’m not sure what the point was. Nothing said here was clever but I wasn’t expecting it to be and the flow started out okay, not good, but okay and it just dissolves to into nothing by the end which is something considering there is under a minute of rapping. It’s almost amazing how uncreative this was lyrically between the references to the Based God and the lines about sleeping with the listeners moms it was so boring and uncreative even at it’s best and the hook was god awful. I’m going 1 out of 10 and that’s just what I’m doing.

GODCOMPLEX – Paracusia:

I don’t know what you guys are expecting me to say about this song. I don’t know what you want me to say about this song. I guess it technically follows all the rules but I mean really? I didn’t laugh at the troll I rolled my eyes so deep into my head that they came back around the the bottom. I listened to this whole thing waiting for another verse from Rafe or something to no avail. The actually rapping I didn’t hate, it didn’t feel like it had much in means of substance besides Beaker doing what sounded like a freestyle about himself and his own rapping ability. I guess I’ll go 2 out of 10 here because it’s not a horrible remix of Never Going to Give You Up if a remix of Never Going to Give You Up is what you want.

MC Ohm-I and 1-UP – Don’t Push Me Bro:

This song is probably my favorite song this round. The instrumental is really good and I love the sample even if I’m not sure where it is. The train sounds are great and enhance the talking about their fear which is simultaneously real, specific, and kind of silly. Talking about what could happen if he was run over but survived actually sounded pretty scary and the part where the beat dropped out when he talked about not having released his album yet felt a bit real. That aside the real power of this song is that it’s goofy and made me laugh. Just the fact that everything came back to it being an inconvenience to him getting laid in the end and the line about chris’ apology vid made me laugh out loud so I had to pause the song and go back. I gave this song a 10 out of 10. It’s fantastic.

Marco Yolo – HEAD:

This is a new side to Marco Yolo separate from the unintelligible screaming and directionless energy of the previous rounds this song was very downplayed with almost no failed attempts at being funny. The song topic wasn’t bad and with a bit of flow work I might have liked this song. It just got so monotonous after a while. It was the same flow, the same inflections after every line, with the same beat repeating with no change up to it until the very end. Which might work if more emotion had gone into the flow but I didn’t really feel any emotion of any kind off of that flow. I do like this Marco Yolo better than the screaming comedy Marco Yolo but I still wouldn’t call this particularly wonderful. I’ll give it a 4 out of 10.

2D6 – I Got a Butt Taco But I Don’t Know Where I Left It:

I found this pretty entertaining but it was one of many songs that just listed off a bunch of fears which I as a general rule would have preferred sticking to one fear and expanding on that. I wasn’t super huge on the hook of this song, or any part where the song got really repetitive like near the end it loses some interest for me but other than that I really liked both of the flows. The first guy who’s rap name I forget but who I think has been the rapper throughout the competition sounds scared in his verse, although that might just be the sound of his voice and I think Cliffy B’s flow works with his. There were also some moments where some things were kind of fit in to a rhyming form awkwardly which is very apparent due to the downplayed nature of the beat like “I’m scared the looks that you’ll give me will be quizzical.” And the ending where you talked about going back to talking about poop and didn’t even bother to rhyme it annoyed me. It’s not bad, but I don’t think it’s amazing. I give it a 6 out of 10.

Whoremoans and Navi – Good Riddance:

I kind of expected to love this song more than I did. That’s not to say I didn’t like this song but something titled “Good Riddance” with the title line “A Love Story by Whoremoans and Navi” sets my expectations really high. The hook here is great and fits the beat but the thing about this song is that the verses don’t really fit the beat very well. That’s my entire issue with this. The beat is good and the verses are good and it goes back to matching during the hook but for the verses they don’t really fit together all that well in my ears. I thought it was an issue that my computer headphones would fix completely but they didn’t. I still like this song, lyrically it pretty much delivers on my expectations and I went 8 out of 10 but I wanted to be able to go higher.

B.A.T. XOMilk – The Catastrophist:

I get so stary eyed whenever I hear Milk Plus rap in his British accent, so I’m going to try to take off the blinders for this review. Well, this beat works really well and compliments the dick out of Milk Plus in this song first of all. I’m not so sure about all the references but Milk’s flow in this song feels so spooky and haunted and that hook has this really spooky vibe to it that I really enjoy. I can identify with this song, I mean if anyone can identify with flipping out over small shit it’s me. I loved everything about this song and I’m not sure if I took my bias blinders off but this is my review so fuck it 10 out of 10.

Delerat and DJ Skull Kid – The Voice:

I feel like a broken record about this team. This song is great lyrically, I love people comparing emotions to a prison and all that stuff is a bit cliché but it’s cliché that I like. The instrumental of this was downplayed and great for this type of song, there is just one issue that I have that hurts my enjoyment of this song and it’s the same issue I’ve had pretty much every round with this team and that is that there is no passion in the flow. I guess this one was a complete change up but the lack of passion is still present here and it still hurts my ability to love this song as much as I want to. I swear to you putting a little bit more into your delivery will go a long way but as is I think this song gets a 5 out of 10.

Team Krunktaku – Ergophobia:

This song feels like it should be on album. This song feels like it should be the single off an album played on a radio. You know, I wasn’t sure about this team in some of the rounds but in this round there is no argument from me that this song deserves one of my top spots. I’ve listened to this song about 50 times just because it’s a really good song in every part. The lyrics can really relate to anyone that wants to make a career out of music or anyone that’s just scared of growing up into a job that they hate *cough* ahem. Ah. This song make me think about things. I don’t like that. I guess I can’t fault the song for any of that and I’m giving it an easy 10 out of 10. It sounds great, feels personal, and is almost universally relatable I don’t know what else you can ask for.

Antisoc and Mayor Wentz – Scary Stuff:

First of all, I love the beat to this song. However, this song also falls in the “list off things that scare me” category and I don’t think it does it quite as well as some of the others. Like it has that “fear of close spaces, claustrophobia. Fear of spiders, arachnophobia” part in the hook where it breaks flow and it isn’t that clever and it doesn’t rhyme that well so it doesn’t really sound that great. The part about bad scores from every judge made me chuckle but other than that there wasn’t anything else I found particularly clever or memorable in the song. I gave it a 5 out of 10 and most of the reason it was that high was the instrumental.

Dynamo Dash and Rukyss Duhki – Wrath:

Alright where should I start with this song, from what I’ve gathered this song is about being afraid of GODCOMPLEX? I assume I’m correct in that assumption and I assume this was under the impression that they were going to do that big diss track that they were talking about doing this round but didn’t do. The beat has this piano aspect to it that kind of sounds like a warm up exercise, the lead up into the song was too long, and the other part of the beat gave it a bit more depth than the piano part but not all that much. The rapping, flow wise, wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t great, but I don’t think it was terrible. Rukyss’ rap voice kind of annoyed me though and I’m not sure if that’s just your voice and if it is I apologize but I don’t think it is because I heard you talk in the nerdcore chat and it wasn’t that annoying. You went after GODCOMPLEX and you get to share their score with a 2 out of 10.

Rhyme and Reason – A Mile In Your Shoes:

This beat is very slick and I dig it quite a bit. Let me say that Klopfenpop is one of my favorite nerdcore rappers so you might know where I’m coming when I say that I felt slightly disappointed by him here. Not that he did a bad job, but I thought he could do better. For example this song has a very bitter feel to it which came through in lyrics but I think could have been more apparent in his flow. Just a slight change in his flow, a little bit more emotion added could have changed this for me, for an example of what I’m referring to please see the song Duel Wield. I had a similar problem with not getting enough passion out of 3P’s verse too. I’m also not 100% who this song is supposed to be for, it sounds like it’s about someone specific and not just a general message for people with message disorders but is it to a friends, an ex-friend, an ex-lover, each other, themselves, me? I mean I haven’t taken my meds for some time and should probably get new ones. That being said I like this song and I think its good, I just think a bit more… uh… just a bit more in it could have made it great. I still went 8 out of 10.

Team Otaku Supreme – Little Green Monsters:

This was an entertaining entry to the grand scheme of things. It was a fun track about Gremlins in which Tek has a dream in which humanity falls to Gremlins. I like the song concept, the flow is very straightforward, as is the story. It’s probably not something I’m going to listen to much in the future but it’s pretty entertaining. My biggest actual complaint is that it runs a bit long and I get a bit tired of the song before it actually ends. Other than that it’s a pretty fun novelty track and I’d give it a 6 out of 10.

Shubzilla and Lex Lingo – This One:

This song has a fun beat and a catchy ass Lex Lingo hook. I think my problem with this song is nothing about it screams fear to me. It reminds me of an Ace of Base song in terms of sound. And you know what, I like Ace of Base, I just didn’t get fear here at all. You were talking about stuff like “I might not come back from this one” and darkness, negative stuff but I never got that from the song at all. It sounded more like a celebration of depression and negative feelings than a fear of it. I understand the desire for upbeat songs with depressing lyrics I really like them sometimes but this particular one didn’t really work for me amazingly well. It’s still a decent song and I went 7 out of 10 on it.

An Hobbes and 2-Ton 21 – Don’t Fear the Cock:

This team has a bad habit of naming songs things that really make me nervous about the song. To be honest I kind of assumed this song was about Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead the first time I listened to it, but no I guess it’s just about chickens. It’s pretty silly, but not the worst thing. I dug the integration of the Robot Chicken theme song in the beat and the lyrics were pretty entertaining talking about chickens spreading disease and someone chocking on a drumstick and planning to burn down the chicken coop. I enjoyed this but it’s so goofy and ridiculous I’m not sure I’d be okay giving it more than a 7 out of 10 so that’s what I’ll do.


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