Stranger Things – The Game

Stranger Things – The Game

With Stranger Things 2 coming in little under two weeks, the popular Netflix show has been ramping up the excitement with a mobile game.

When I saw there was a Stranger Things mobile game I was met with two conflicting feelings – I love Stranger Things but I’m not a big mobile game fan. Lucky for me, my love for Stranger Things massively outweighs my feeling towards mobile games and I decided to give it a bash and as it’s free to download as well, I had nothing to lose.

Without giving any of the storyline away, the game has the look and feel of a Zelda type game or maybe even Retro City Rampage with all its nods to the 80s, but with the added bonus you can unlock new characters throughout your mission, with each character having abilities you’ll need to have in your arsenal to get you further in your quest.

Hopper for example, is able to wear a radiation suit which allows you to venture into the Upside Down, which you’ll need to do from time to time when your path in the real world is blocked. Like most games of this ilk, there are end of level bosses to face, including a mad scientist and a crazed gunman.

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Aesthetically, it’s got all the retro pixel appeal you’d want a game based on an 80s themed storyline to have and the music contains suitably 8bit versions of the shows tracks. There’s some great puzzle type elements to it as well, which add to the longevity of the game. I must confess to having rage quit a couple of times when trying to avoid the flashlights of the government agents… I’ve yet to go back to it yet.

The moment I saw Stranger Things and the plethora of fan arts of it, I was hoping that someone somewhere would make a retro game homage to this, but hats off to Netflix for making not only a great marketing tool but also a fun game to boot. It’s easy to make a game for the sake of making one but a lot of thought has clearly gone into this and it really is good fun and only adds to the excitement of the new series.

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Find Stranger Things – The Game at the Google Play Store and in the App Store.

Retro fun and a cool marketing tool too. –11/5 4/5

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