Stunning Wonder Woman Poster Is Stunning

Stunning Wonder Woman Poster Is Stunning

I’ve been an advocate of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman since the news broke – and it seems she’s been winning others over since Batman V Superman. This Poster should help convert a few more.

Other than my well publicised man-crush on Ryan Reynolds (pre-dating Deadpool, I might add) I don’t tend to go in for celebrity crushes. One possible exception? Gal Gadot. I missed her in the Fast and Furious films having never made it past the third in the series, but man did she make an impression on me when it was revealed that the Israeli actress/model would be playing Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman. From day one I was on-board, rather cutting against the grain of public consensus. Many argued that her frame wasn’t Amazonian enough and even that her breasts were too small. Really!?

Her brief appearance in Batman V Superman won over more than a few of the naysayers and I’m betting this latest image of the Amazonian Princess, in the first poster for the forthcoming Wonder Woman standalone movie, will win over a few more. The image was released by Gadot on twitter.

Wonder WomanFirstly, Gadot is simply stunning. Secondly we get a great look at her weaponry in the form of her sword and lasso. Lastly – LOOK! There’s COLOUR!!! The difference in the tone of this image compared to that presented by writer/director of Batman V Superman, Zack Snyder, is worlds apart.

The Wonder Woman movie is being directed by  Patty Jenkins and will tell the origin story of Diana Prince from her homeland of Themyscira to her fighting in World War I, a diversion from the comic origins which had her fighting in World War II.

Wonder Woman is due in cinemas from June 2017.

Am I wrong about Gal Gadot’s casting as Wonder Woman? What do you think of this poster? Let us know in the comments below.

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